Thursday, May 2, 2013

25 Ways To Have A Great Month of May

(In no particular order)

1) Remember family, and make time for them, too, whether it's at or away from the track.

2) Create an office Indy 500 pool.

3) Recognize ahead of time you won't be able to sleep the night before the race. Hang out with friends, listen to old 500 radio broadcasts, or re-figure your race predictions for the 100th time.

4) Don't forget about the other IndyCar race this month. It's sort of important.

5) Thank a soldier. Memorial Day weekend is really about them, and their sacrifice.

6) Read 500 Miles to Go.

7) Listen religiously to the Talk of Gasoline Alley every evening it's on.

8) Get qualification or practice tickets for a new or lapsed fan, and bring them with you. Spend the time to explain what's so cool, and what you love about what you're seeing.

9) Pull for an underdog.

10) Try to guess the pole speed to the third decimal (no cheating).

11) Spend some time reading up on a old 500 driver you haven't heard of. Start here.

12) If you're at IMS, be nice to a Yellow Shirt, even if they're blowing that whistle right in your ear. That's probably someone's grandma or grandpa, even if they are a mean old cuss.

13) Have a breaded pork tenderloin (or three).

14) If you know the Jim Hurtubise Beer in the Engine Compartment story, share it with someone who doesn't. If you don't know if, ask someone (Donald Davidson will probably a little irritable if you choose him for this).

15) Decorate your office, cubicle, or home. Checkered flags never go out of style.

16) Make an absurd prediction ahead of time and stick with it. Don't let facts or reason stop you.

17) Take 5 minutes to write a thank you letter to a sponsor of your favorite driver or team. Feedback helps.

18) Play one of these soundbites when pulling out onto the road in the morning.

19) Read Paul Dalbey's dad's Historic Indy 500 journals over at MoreFrontWing.

20) Use racing lingo in as much of your daily conversation as possible. At work, you're not "running out of steam" in the afternoon, you're "slowing on the backstretch". You aren't filling up the car, you're coming in for a "splash of fuel".

21) Spend some time formulating the perfect "shortcut" for avoiding race morning traffic. Even if it doesn't work, you tried, you trailblazer you.

22) If attending Indy in person, pull driver names out of a hat with other folks in your section.

23) Don't forget to catch Trackside nightly, or get the podcast if you miss it.

24) Stay sober enough to tell who won the race.

25) Live in the moment. You only get so many Indy 500s. Don't spend them worrying about what you can't control. Take the time to appreciate and enjoy what we have this month.


  1. Also...even if you don't care for the eventual winner, don't boo him or her as they cross the finish line or enter Victory Lane; like some classless fans did last year.

  2. Take a newbie to their first Pole Day, Carb Day or the Race itself. Regale them with stories of years past...make a new fan.