Monday, April 1, 2013

A Month Until May

I hope everyone had a pleasant Easter over the weekend. Part of mine was spent attending the Easter Egg Hunt, hosted at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was very crowded, but the IMS crew did an excellent job keeping things moving, and there were more than enough eggs for all the kids. My son unfortunately missed out getting to meet Scott Dixon, but cheers to not only Dixie, but Alex Tagliani and Ed Carpenter for showing up, too.

Bad days at IMS are few and far between, and this was no exception. Despite a morning chill in the air, there were signs of life. A couple of maintenance guys were working on some metal piece near one of the scoreboards on the backstretch, and here and there you could tell some spring cleaning was still underway. Fans often ascribe human attributes to IMS; following with that, you could this weekend felt like the gal was drowsily beginning to wake up from a long winter's sleep.

Perhaps it's because I received my tickets on Friday, but I was very aware of just how quickly the Indy 500 is creeping up on us. Yes, there's three races between now and then, but there's also a Rookie Orientation Session in just ten days. I wait all year for the 500, just as I know many of you do, but I feel as if it is sneaking up a bit this year.

As of today, there's a lot of we don't know. We know we'll probably have three rookies, and Conor Daly will likely become official at Foyt sometimes this week, but we don't have a firm car count yet (34-35?), and there are plenty of other questions. Is Michel Jourdain coming back to Rahal for another shot at Indy? Does Tomas Scheckter have anything that isn't vaporware? Will Pippa Mann get a deal done in time done for her second shot at the 500? Will John Andretti find a spot for one more go at the Greatest Spectacle in Racing?

I know, I know: there's plenty of season to go before Indy. But we can't pretend as if those dates in May aren't circled in red on the calendar. And if the season continues in the same fashion as the opener, we're in for no shortage of wild storylines heading into May. As ready as I am for Barber, Long Beach, and Brazil, it isn't too terrible of a sin to take just a teeny peek towards 16th and Georgetown.

One month from May, we have few answers so far, but we know they're coming. The deals should be announced in the next few weeks, and the remaining blanks will be slowly filled in. As I left IMS Saturday, with my kids chomping down on candy in the back seat. I took a look towards J Stand, my home on an upcoming day in May. Even as it was receding from view, it was still edging closer. 

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