Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Dale Coyne 2nd Driver Random Generator!

I love Dale Coyne Racing. They’ve helped make rides happen for talented guys like Justin Wilson and Alex Lloyd, and they’ve been a starting place for more than one quality driver over the years. They’re the perennial underdog who seems to get everything together on a shoestring at the last minute. Every racing series needs a Dale Coyne Racing.

Still, we all know Dale likes to wait on that second driver. Each offseason, a parade of names, each seemingly destined to land on that second seat, assails the IndyCar fan. From the far reaches of the globe their names come, to be part of the endlessly churning Coyne rumor mill, which blackens the sky and gives the slight hint of Sonny's Bar-B-Q to the air. It can be confusing, and half the time, we were all wrong with our best guess anyways.

Well, now fans have some help with figuring out who’s in that Coyne second seat. Enter the Dale Coyne 2nd Driver Random Generator, a revolutionary development in INDYCAR silly season. Simply go across and pick and randomly pick an entry from each column. Then, check your results and see what type of driver will be in Coyne's 2nd seat! Is it Hasan Merriwether of Belgium, from Formula Renault 3.5, where he finished 14th? Or perhaps it’s Georg LaRoche of Angola, who finished a keen 8th in Formula Nippon? There are 160,000 possibilities of Coyne-y goodness to spread to Twitter, your Facebook page, or your car club!

So here is my gift to you! Play around, start your own rumors for Coyne’s second seat, and may the Dale Coyne Racings of the world have every bit of luck this season.

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