Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Watch That IndyCar Count

Given the somewhat surprising announcement of James Jakes to the 2nd Rahal Lanigan Letterman seat for this IndyCar season, it's probably time for an evaluation of just how many cars we're going to have full-time for the 2013 season.

With Jakes' #30 Rahal car now confirmed, that leaves us with 22 confirmed entries:

Honda: 10
Ganassi: 3 (Dixon, Franchitti, Kimball)
AJ Foyt Enterprises: 1 (Sato)
Barracuda (BHA): 1 (Tagliani)
Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing: 2 (Rahal, Jakes)
Schmidt Peterson: 2 (Pagenaud, Vautier)
Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing: 1 (Newgarden)

Chevy: 12
Andretti: 4 (Andretti, Hunter-Reay, and Hinchcliffe, with Viso coming this week)
Dragon Racing: 1 (Bourdais)
Ed Carpenter Racing: 1 (Carpenter)
KV Racing Technology: 2 (Kanaan, de Silvestro)
Panther/Panther/DRR: 2 (Hildebrand, Servia)
Penske: 2 (Power, Castroneves)

We're left with the following rides to be confirmed:

Both Coynes (Honda), the 2nd Dragon (Chevy), HVM (unknown, but probably dependent on the Katherine Legge saga at Dragon Racing), and the possibility of an add-on at one other team (Davey Hamilton is still out there, after all). Depending on what happens with HVM, we could be at anywhere from 25-27 entries this year. If we get 26, we'll be on par with 2012. That's impressive, given the fact many folks thought we'd lose around 1-2 net entries this year. That could still happen, but I like odds much more than I did a week ago to get to 26. Right now, it seems as if the main item we'll be waiting on is how the entire murky business with Legge and Dragon plays out.


  1. Zachary, thank you for your best wishes on our new home :) With Jakes landing at RLLR (pretty excited that he has been given this opportunity) what do you believe will happen with the second Coyne car and the second Dragon car? I been reading that a lot of fans think that Briscoe's chances of landing a full-time ride were sealed when Jakes signed on the dotted line...but why not Briscoe at Dragon and they could farm Legge to HVM? Let me state that I feel for Legge tremendously in this deal but it would give Keith Wiggins a chance to continue and I'm all for that. Not to mention that a Bourdais/Briscoe combo would be pretty exciting to watch. Also, outside of Briscoe switching from Chevy to Honda (that would give Honda 13 cars) what other obstactles would be left for Briscoe to join Wilson at Coyne?

  2. Well, it's said that Briscoe turned down a full-time ride at Dragon already. Would he go back now that other ride options seem to have dried up? I don't know.

    Coyne has certainly run drivers out of pocket before (see Lloyd, Alex), and that's probably what would need to happen for Briscoe to end up there. But there's been an awful lot of talk about a couple of Euro drivers, and that could be who ends up there.

  3. Thank you for the feedback on my question. Should be interesting to see what happens. Do you have a clear understanding of the driver/team combinations for Indy Lights? I know the obvious ones (Schmidt/Belardi/Andretti) for the most part but not so sure after those teams. I was just pondering it on my way home from work and I'm really interested to see what's what...

  4. No, not yet, but usually Lights is a last-minute sort of thing.