Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Notes And Thoughts

Just a few brief IndyCar notes as I catch up during a busy end of fiscal year in the real world:

-I have no stomach for another tire war—tires are one item where I am more than happy to see little on-track competition—and Firestone has done an absolutely incredible job in the IZOD IndyCar Series. Yet when the contract for 2015 is discussed, if I’m Randy Bernard, I’m remembering a time two years ago when the rates just to keep Firestone around jumped up, and if I’ve got other bidders looking to supply my series, I’m going to think on it for a bit.

Ultimately, I’d love to see Firestone stay—but if they are sent off, I get it. Whatever the end result, tires are one area where there can’t be poor manufacturer performance. Spectators of more than one non-IndyCar race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway acutely understand why I feel this way. Still, there's time yet, and negotiations are all just part of the game.

-A new Miller/Pruett silly season article is up, and it's hard to argue with much in it just now. I'm curious to see how the situation at Dale Coyne Racing resolves itself. It seems James Jakes' return is in doubt, but I still have to think Justin Wilson will re-sign with the team. That combination of Wilson with Bill Pappas is too much to ignore. I'm still really curious to see if Coyne finds a good--or any--fit for the second seat.

-Finally, I was interviewed for Edmonton’s evening news Monday night in regards to the city losing the Edmonton Indy event. Check it out here, while I keep the hope that one day they’ll be able to interview me under much happier circumstances.

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