Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday INDYCAR: Roger's Whiz-Kid, Hats, Sponsors

-By now, it seems like everyone and their cousin has weighed in on the Jay Penske arrest. Now, I'm not saying urinating on a woman's shoes is anything to be proud of, but when you've grown up on stories on the drug culture and arrests that permeated the racing scene throughout the 80s (the Whittingtons or John Paul, anyone?), stuff like this does tend to pale by comparison. If anything, it shows our crimes in IndyCar are much more highbrow. Getting arrested for breaking and entering or public urination outside the Gulp n' Go is one thing--being busted outside a yacht club clearly shows some refinement.

What will the impact on Penske's team be? Negligible, I imagine. It's embarrassing, yes, but I sincerely doubt we see any on-track ramifications.

Additionally, I'm happy to see TMZ continued the national media's proud ineptitude when it comes to racing knowledge and identified Roger Penske as a NASCAR legend. For this story, I think we can let them have this one.

-Last night, my new hat arrived from the INDYCAR Shop. I wanted something historic, something distinct--a conversation piece, if you will. I wanted a hat that truly stood out from the pack. Above all, I wanted something on clearance. And then I saw it:

I wish I could say I was lying when I relate to you the package showed up one day later than expected.

-I didn't see a whole lot of discussion on this, Fontana's 500-mile season finale now has a title sponsor in MAVTV. That's definitely a happy sign; even happier is the indication it's part of a multi-year deal. Lucas Oil as a presenting sponsor doesn't hurt one bit, either. That's a good piece of news, and one I hope gets repeated for others tracks soon.


  1. Okay, I'll admit it, 'whiz kids' made me laugh. Good one!

  2. Quit defending this loser. He urinated on a woman, then shoved her harshly and then even yelled a racial slur "You're not white enough".

    Rich kids like him think they are above the law. He should be punished, both in court and by the indycar thing. This is not acceptable behaviour. Clearly he has disdain for women. He should be thrown from the TrueCar thing asap. I also feel bad for his girlfriend Elaine Irwin, who has had to learn the hard way that her 33 year old boyfriend is a juvenile spoilt brat.