Friday, May 18, 2012

A Fast Fast Friday Update

Just a quick update from the Greatest Race Course In The World. Fast Friday is in full swing today, and the crowd is simply enormous for a Fast Friday.

Here's a quick shot of the crowd so far today: 

Honestly, we have had qualification days in the past without this big of a crowd. We've seen Michel Jourdain's car go en fuego, Chevy at the top so far with the boosts (as I write this, Ryan Hunter-Reay is at the top at 226.227mph), and rumors continue to grow of anywhere between 1 and 3 "extra" cars showing up on Bump Day. It sounds as if the contingency plans are in place, but we'll have to see how things pan out Pole Day. A bad run then could nerf any extra car plans in a hurry.

Really, there's excitement for these new cars right now. Fans are cheering every speed jump, and there's just this uncertain intensity to the whole proceedings. We're all trying to figure it out, be it drivers, teams, pundits, and bloggerati. And that just makes it all very, very cool.

The weather is perfect, the speeds are going up, and the crowds keep coming in. What a perfect day to be at Indy (and the Social Media Garage!).

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