Monday, January 16, 2012

Six Quick Questions With Anders Krohn (Round 2!)

Anders "The Viking" Krohn has been one of our most popular interviews here, and by request, we've brought him back for an encore round of Six Quick Questions. For you silly season fanatics, you won't want to miss this one!

OK, Anders, there have been plenty of mysterious Tweets and posts from you this offseason about testing in a race car. I know you're limited on what you can tell us, but have mercy on us poor, info-starved fans: are we going to be looking at another round in Indy Lights, or have you been looking at one level higher?

AK: I've had to keep my lips sealed about all my off season activities, but seriously wish I could have shared more information with my fans. I can reveal that there will be some news out in the next handful of days or so, and this is NOT Indy Lights related. Let the speculations begin :) It's been my most busy silly-season yet, but I'm happy that it's coming to an end and that I can soon get down to work with everything official.

What's your sense of the overall sponsor market in the offseason? Have you been finding it tougher or easier than in years past?

AK: The sponsor market is tough at the moment, but this forces you to think outside the box, and it looks like it'll all come together quite nicely for the season. There are still some contracts to be signed, but overall there's been good progress.
Krohn: Thumbs Up For 2012?
Courtesy IndyCar Media

With a few months' distance now, looking back on your Indy Lights season, what sort of grade would you give yourself?

AK: Tough one. While Belardi Auto Racing and I had the pace to challenge for top honors in several of the races, ultimately we didn't put any of the speed into results. I made a couple of vital mistakes while leading races, so I'll give myself a C. Hopefully 2012 will be an A+!

I'd like to get a driver's perspective on what's been a wild silly season so far. In your eyes, what has been the biggest, best, or most surprising signing or news in INDYCAR?

AK: There's been a lot of positive movements inside the INDYCAR family lately. The two biggest signings in my mind are Josef Newgarden with Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing and James Hinchcliffe with Andretti Autosport. Both drivers are very deserving of these opportunities and they are with great teams as well.

We've seen drivers such as Oliver Webb, Tristan Vautier, and David Ostella confirmed for Lights rides this year. Which currently signed Lights driver have you been most impressed with in the past, and why?

AK: Tristan Vautier is a close friend of mine, and we were team mates in 2010 in Star Mazda. He was extremely quick then, and put it all together in 2011 to win the title and get the Mazda Road to Indy Scholarship. He will be tough to beat this year, but I know Oliver Webb (aka. Oliver Twist as we named him in Edmonton) will be a strong competitor and team mate. I've raced with David Ostella for the past three seasons and think he'll make a big step forward. He's certainly got a strong team behind him. My Belardi team mate Jorge Goncalvez should be strong when he announces his 2012 FIL plans. It might not be the biggest field in the world, but the competition should be tough for sure. My favorite for the title: The flying Frenchman, Tristan Vautier.

Lastly, when are fans going to be able to buy some Anders "The Viking" Krohn-themed merchandise? It seems like a waste to have one of the best nicknames in INDYCAR and not put it on a t-shirt or something.

AK: I've given away a lot of "Viking" gear the past couple of years, so it's most definitely time to get a web shop going. And now that the request has come from IndyCar Advocate I better make it happen!

Thanks so much again for your time! I know fans will love hearing from you!

AK: Thanks so much for interviewing me! I wish we could discuss an exciting deal right now, but it'll have to wait another few days.

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