Thursday, October 27, 2011

Foyt/Baguette Rumors And Silly Season

Let me tell you a story involving Bertrand Baguette.

This past May, I watched as Danica Patrick took the lead late in the Indy 500. A few laps later, Bertrand Baguette passed her for the lead.

Possibly a dozen people out of 250,000+ souls in attendance cheered that move. I believe our small contingent in J Stand comprised at least half of that number. Reporters not involved normally with INDYCAR outside of the 500 scrambled to find something, anything on this young man with the wonderfully improbable name.

So yes, to say I am a Bertrand Baguette fan would be a factual statement. Even though he came a few laps short from winning the 500, his P7 finish accented what we already knew about him: this guy can drive. Getting to meet him this May, he was also a really quiet, pleasant, down-to-earth guy.

Unfortunately, like many very capable drivers, the funds for a full-time ride for the mighty Breadman were not forthcoming in 2011. So when the rumors began surfacing yesterday that he was one of the top names in the conversation for the vacated seat for A.J. Foyt’s team, was I pretty psyched up over it? Yes indeed. The Bertrand Baguette Fan Club (American Chapter), or BBFC(AC), is overwhelmingly in support of this rumor becoming a reality.

Does this kick off silly season? I guess it does. Yes, I am going to pull for Baguette to land that ride. For a driver who might lack the big budget of another driver, Foyt’s sponsor deal with ABC Supply has to make it look pretty attractive. Of course, because it is silly season, we will likely hear Buddy Rice, Francesco Dracone, Willy T. Ribbs, and possibly the Loch Ness Monster (complete with grainy photographic evidence of the alleged contract signing) as in contention for the seat.

So, no, I don’t know if AJ Foyt will sign Bertrand Baguette, any more than Foyt knows whether his next brush with mayhem will be killer bees, an escaped mountain lion, or possibly a small asteroid . Maybe he’ll invite him on a bulldozer ride, or demand he make him waffles first. All I know is, it’s silly season, Bertrand Baguette is in the mix, and I can’t wait for the weeks and months of wild speculation to begin.

And what a time silly season is! Dreamers get to dream, pundits get to expound on moves both imagined and real, and all fans get to have that little extra bit of hope that their team or driver will make that ideal scenario happen. Justin Wilson, Tomas Scheckter, and Martin Plowman, your ears should be burning pretty soon, if they aren't already.

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your scenarios, scuttlebutt, and conjecture!

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  1. Hi,
    I'm Belgian, fan and friend of Bertrand. I was in Indianapolis for the 500 and saw the performance.
    I believe in Bertrand's capacity to be "the best indycar driver". For this, we need to increase Bertrand's popularity in the USA.
    I hope you can help Bertrand to be a star in America.