Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NASCAR’s Loss Could Be IndyCar’s Gain

By now, most race fans have heard of the debacle at Kentucky Speedway this past weekend for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Race. Hours of traffic, sitting on the interstates and exits. Possibly pwards of 20,000 ticket-holding fans missing the race due to lines stretching back for miles. I can only imagine how angry some of those fans had to be.

Fortunately, SMI is offering Kentucky fans who were stuck in traffic the chance to redeem their NASCAR ticket for one for the IZOD IndyCar and Firestone Indy Lights events in October. What's more, they can still redeem their IndyCar admission ticket at Kentucky for a ticket to the Las Vegas season finale.

I know not all of them will come back out to Kentucky, but I hope a nice number of them do. Not just because I want the race to do well, because I want them to see what a friendly, fan-accessible series with great racing can be like. Kentucky is usually a pretty good show, so hopefully they'll see some of the best INDYCAR has to offer that weekend. Let's hope the series pulls out all the stops. After sitting on the highway for half a day for a race they didn’t even get to see, they deserve that much.

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