Monday, July 18, 2011

BATracer and Tempers

I'm what most people call a "slow fuse" (admittedly, some just call me "slow", but let's not dwell on that right now). I handle most things pretty good-naturedly, but when I really get upset, I blow up.

I just started playing BATracer, that fun online racing management sim, and it's been a good time so far. I picked a slow team and have been learning my way, but I usually nab a few points each race.

Yesterday evening, while washing dishes, I got the email notifying me my BATracer session had advanced, and that I could view the race results. As I clicked through the lap-by-lap rundown, I was actually up to P3 about halfway through when--BANG--another driver crashed into me and ended my day. Finished in the 20s, no points.

Alone in my kitchen, I let out a singularly unpleasant epithet.

This was an online game.

My car crashed by a relatively random computer algorithm.

Yet here I was, genuinely ticked off for that some clown had crashed into me.

I had just about nothing invested in it, and it still provoked an irritated (albeit exceedinly short-lived) reaction.

30 seconds later, I was over it. But it did make me think: here am I, getting irate over a collision in an online racing game. How much more irritable would someone be if they were taken out in something that meant the world to them?

Suddenly, Will Power calling Dario Franchitti "princess" and a legion of folks "wankers" didn't seem all that unreasonable, if indeed it ever had.

I'm betting the sting on that one lasts a lot more than 30 seconds. It should be a very interesting week leading up to the Edmonton race. Bring the popcorn.

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  1. Wow, I play Batracer too. And let me tell you, after 2+ years, I still kind of suck, although I'm hitting a good stretch right now were I'm winning races fairly often