Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Surviving The Post-Indy Funk

Every year after the Indy 500, I have a bit of a letdown. I suppose it’s a mix of sadness that it’s all over for another year, exhaustion a very busy stretch of time, and being busy catching up on everything I simply stopped work on to go to the Speedway instead. (Of course, trying to recover from the always near-terminal sunburn doesn't help!).

It’s as if you get to live around this amazing world for a short time, only to get thrown back into the daily grind. After a few days, though, I’m ready and raring to go—case in point, I cannot wait for the Firestone Twin 275s this weekend!

Am I the only one who gets the post-Indy “blahs”? One thing’s for sure—I’m glad it doesn’t last long. Of course, Texas Motor Speedway is a pretty good remedy for that sort of thing.


  1. I get the post-Indy blah's big time. I start to get ramped up for racing in the month or two prior to the start of the season. Then there's a nice build up to the 500, then the crescendo at the 500, then... I forget about it for awhile.

    Look on the bright side, though. At least they are following Indy with several ovals. Think about how bad the post-Indy blahs would be if it was followed up by 3-4 street parades. This, by the way, could happen considering the direction that the schedule has been going lately.

    I would love to see them work it out so that the season ends at Indy. Start the season in the fall then run reliably warm-weather venues through the winter - Phoenix, St. Pete, Brazil, Long Beach, etc. to keep the schedule going and then have a couple spring races (e.g. Barber), one warm-up oval race, and end the season at Indy. I think it can work.

  2. Zachary HoughtonJune 9, 2011 at 6:28 AM

    Thanks for the comment! Didn't they try to end the schedule with Indy the first year or so of the IRL? Start the middle of one year and end the next? I don't think it worked out well, but I could be misremembering the details.