Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Best Pass This Season?

It's Wednesday, and I still find myself in awe of this weekend's Andretti/Kanaan duel. Check out the highlights below, specifically at around the 32:45 mark. The footage doesn't quite do it justice, as Marco had attempted to go high before, and really sold it prior to getting low and making this stick. It was a perfect setup, and perfectly executed. Was this one of the best passes of the season? I don't have footage of it, but I think it has to to between this and Tomas Scheckter passing everyone so far outside he was in the fourth row of the stands at the Indy 500.

(And kudos to IndyCar for putting up a 38-minute highlight of this race. When you have a race this good, you need to make sure people see it).

Can Marco pull off another win like this in '11? I don't count it out. We're going to have some very interesting ovals with him, I think...

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