Thursday, May 5, 2011

So Whom Should Replace Trump?

EDIT: It sounds like 4-time Indy 500 winner AJ Foyt will be the pace car driver this year!I wrote this piece before the news broke.

By now, the news is spreading like wildfire that Donald Trump has been removed as pace car driver for this year’s Indy 500. Given the pressure by fans to do so, it’s not surprising to see it happen.

So now the question is, who should be in that pace car when it leads the field to the flag on May 29?

There’s definitely a sentiment to have Rick Mears, Al Unser, or AJ Foyt in that car. They’re the great 4-time champions of Indy. Other legends, such as Mario Andretti, have also been discussed. Certainly putting one of our 500 legends in the track is not a bad idea at all.

On the other hand, others want a star in the car. Someone famous, possibly a TV or movie star of some variety. I don’t mind this as much, though I think Indy has already received more than their share of media attention over their Trump choice.

Honestly, my choice would be one of our servicemen, possibly one that has won our one of our nation’s highest honors, such as the Medal of Honor itself.

We’ve had our controversy, we’ve had our stars. I think for the Centennial Anniversary, putting a veteran in the car would be a proper tribute and reminder that this a Memorial Day race. Let’s put one of our nation’s finest front-and-center. We can’t ever thank our veterans enough for their service, but having a hero in the pace car would be a fine start.


  1. I would recommend SSG Salvatore Guinta, the only living Medal of Honor winner from the Global War on Terror.

  2. Zachary HoughtonMay 5, 2011 at 4:48 PM

    That would be something, wouldn't it?!

  3. Yes it would have, I think having Foyt do it will be fine. Any of the 4 time winners would have been good. I am really excited about the race this year, qualifying should be exciting and it would be great to see someone like TK or Graham win. But I would put money on Power or Dario.