Monday, May 2, 2011

Rain Delay

Normally this morning would see an article full of recapping the weekend's race, but the Itaipava Sao Paulo 300 yesterday ran afoul of mother nature, and was rescheduled for today. This won't in any way be good for the ratings, but it happens in racing.

What puzzled me yesterday as I followed along online (Facebook and Twitter) was the absolute anger that many people seemed to have for the red-flagging and postponement of the race. Some of that, I think, is natural disappointment and wanting to lash out at something, but seriously, a lot of the racefan rage was totally misguided.

Of course, it didn't help that there was confusion regarding the postponement of the race. But the anger started well before that.

It seems silly to even have to say, but IndyCar has no control over it raining. Raining happens in racing. Sometimes it's a drizzle and you can race, other times it's a monsoon and you can't. It's not anyone's fault, and anyone who's attended Indy in the Month of May knows rain is a part of racing life. It isn't a personal affront to you, it's not a generally manageable thing, and it's something you just have to learn to accept. Races. Get. Wet. 

Every true racing fan hates raining; IndyCar was no happier yesterday than any fan out there. But it isn't a cause for doom and gloom, it doesn't signify the end of the series, and we'll have plenty more great races ahead. Shake it off, put it behind you, and move on.

Relax. It's the Month of May, of the year of the Centennial Anniversary of the Indy 500. Enjoy the great stuff that's to come. And don't let a bit of cruddy weather in Brazil make you lash out at a lot of folks who were just as bummed yesterday as you were.

As James Hinchcliffe said yesterday, "We can control many things, Mother Nature isn't one of them".

And I believe for many of us the news event of last night perhaps reminded us how little and small some of our issues and problems are. We're lucky to be alive, be able to support a wonderful sport and hobby, whatever speed bumps we encounter along the way. Perspective can be an awesome thing. Now let's celebrate the hell out of what this month and this sport has to  offer.

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