Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pippa Mann: Can She Do It?

I just wanted to share a few thoughts regarding the news we received today that Pippa Mann will be part of the entry list for those trying to make this year’s Indy 500 field.

Pippa's Conquest Begins!
We’re looking at probable 39-41 entries for this year’s race; a lot of good drivers and good programs will, by misfortune or other circumstance, find themselves on the sideline of this year’s race after Bump Day. As a rookie, Mann will be doubly challenged, but let’s look at her circumstances: can she make it in this field?

The Team: Conquest isn’t considered a top-tier team in IndyCar right now, but with two rookies last year (Romancini and Baguette), they put both solidly in the field. Without a doubt, this team can deliver a car capable of qualifying well for Indy. Don't sell this team short.

The Driver: Pippa absolutely caught fire in the last half of the 2010 Firestone Indy Lights season, winning at Kentucky and giving it a good run elsewhere. All reports from her preseason test with Conquest were overwhelmingly positive. She won the pole at Indy last year for the Firestone Freedom 100, before being taken out on a thoughtless first-lap incident. She’s focused, and she’ll be ready.

We’re talking about the Indy 500. It’s frustrated and denied some of the best drivers in the world. This year’s field will be strong, sure, but it’s my opinion Pippa has as good a chance as anyone to get in the field. Knowing how much my daughter looks up to her and will be pulling for her, I’ll be cheering her on to do just that.

(Image Courtesy of IndyCar Media)


  1. Was just waiting on it to be official. The weekend she spent in their pits wearing their 2-way radio, it was just a matter of when.

    That is super cool Pippa will be there. The female field just grows every season, ever since a kid named Sarah Fisher pushed the door wide open.

    Others came before Sarah, but it was Sarah who made today's INDYCAR possible. Kudos to both Sarah Fisher and Pippa.

  2. I think sometimes folks don't give Sarah Fisher enough credit for what she did. She wasn't a one-off wonder or a novelty--she was a full-time racer, and doing what she did really marked the start of this era.