Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What About Bryan Clauson?

I received a couple of instant messages and emails yesterday after our Conor Daly interview to ask why we hadn't interviewed Bryan Clauson yet. Well, I don't like to comment on what we have coming up as far as interviews until it's imminent, but I'll just say I'd love to have Bryan go through the Six Quick Questions process.

Speaking of Clauson, it's hard not to be impressed by the guy. If you read the diary of his Indy Lights test, it would seem to reveal a talented, thoughtful driver. By all accounts we're hearing, his test went very well indeed. I'm not saying Clauson is needed as a Great American Hope or anything, but he does represent a link to part of American racing that it greatly behooves the series to nurture. But above all, he has raw, proven talent and experience. He will average a race roughly every three days in 2011. He's won on dirt, he's won on pavement, and he's done it at multiple levels. He doesn't need IndyCar's validation, but he'll be great to have around. His six ovals are going to be some of the most interesting Lights storylines of 2011.

So, will he be with a championship team in Sam Schmidt Motorsports? It doesn't sound like a lock yet, but I'd love to see what he could do with a top-tier team like that. I hope his shot in Lights is done well, and done right.

The Indy Lights series in 2011 will feature champions from many different levels of racing. On the ovals, at least, they'll have to contend with one more hardcore champion in Clauson.

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