Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hang In There

Late Monday night, my Twitter account and phone blew up with messages regarding the Tony Kanaan situation, and the frustration people felt because his ride at de Ferran Dragon Racing had fallen through. There was definitely a "sky is falling" reaction when the news first hit, which I think is tempering as folks calm down a bit and look at things a bit further.

It’s no fun when your favorite or a favorite driver is hunting for a ride, or has an uncertain future. But on the positive side, Robin Miller on Indianapolis’ 1070 AM, as well as a couple other sources yesterday seemed to indicate things were not quite as dire as we were originally led to believe. We could see a number of scenarios, to include Kanaan running a partial season paired with another driver, or Kanaan running the first part of the season and hoping to find funds as they go for the rest.

There’s also a school of thought that thinks another team might make up the difference to have a driver such as Kanaan, but it’s also late in the game, with few full-time seats remaining.

The thing to remember is that we have 30 days until the start of the IZOD IndyCar Series season. As we’ve seen in years past, that’s a lifetime in terms of things that can happen. I’m not saying Tony Kanaan will be in a car more often than not in 2011, but I have faith. Think of Ryan Hunter-Reay last year. Think of guys like Tomas Scheckter, who never seem to have anything going at the start of the year, but mysteriously show up in half the races anyway.

There’s a whole lotta ballgame left to play. Hang in there.


  1. It's really unfortunate because of all of the drivers still on the sidelines I feel like TK is the one that just HAS to be on the grid each weekend since he is such a fan favorite. I was also looking forward to TK working with a guy like Gil De Ferran, it's too bad it didn't pan out.

  2. Indeed. Although I still think there's a 99% chance we see TK in IndyCar this year. I just wish I knew how many races!