Friday, February 4, 2011

Checking Out The New INDYCAR Nation

I was pleased to see IndyCar's fan club get its long-awaited relaunch this week. The revamped INDYCAR Nation features special articles, news, games, fantasy racing, multimedia, and, of course, the link for what will be Race Control when the season begins. Interestingly enough, the old IndyCar Fan Forums are gone, and TrackForum is now linked in their place. Did I mention registration is still free?

There is an upgrade available, of course; for $34.95 a year, you can gain Champion Status, which offers extra discounts, special swag, exclusive meet n' greets through the year, and more. We'll have to wait and see what sort of giveaways and redeemables they might offer, but it sounds like they'll be doing weekly giveaways for all members.

I'm also happy to announce my article "Can Anyone Catch Power?", which looks at competition on the road/street courses for 2011, can also be found over there. You have to be a member (which, again, is free) to read it, so sign up and check it out! Don't worry, I'll still be providing the same regular content over here, but you'll want to sign up for ICN all the same.


  1. Totally stoked about the new INDYCAR Nation!! Their plans for expanding the Fan Zone sound awesome! Wish I could be there in St. Pete. :( My first race won't be until Barber.

  2. I'd love to make it to St. Pete as well, but I'm losing hope of that happening. I plan to host a season-opening party, so I'll be there in spirit. :)

  3. I signed up for the champion level. I'm attending 4 races this year (Mid Ohio, Indy, Milwaukee, and Kentucky); so I think the $35 will be worth it for the special track events. I'm still toying around/daydreaming about trying to do a 3 day weekend and hitting St Pete this year

  4. With this snow, I think a lot of us are thinking St. Pete right now. :)