Thursday, January 20, 2011

Making The Offseason Count: Emailing IndyCar Sponsors

There’s still snow in Indy, and on the hallowed track of the Speedway. Tomas Scheckter is in England, partaking of some Scheckter OrganicEnergy, so far as we know. Paul Tracy is probably going for a ride in or on some sweet vehicle out west. Marco Andretti is hanging out and getting mentioned in US Weekly or People or some other supermarket rag. Tony Kanaan bombards us on Twitter with excited bursts of Portugese (although, to be fair, that’s not so different from the regular season). I’m not sure what Simona de Silvestro is up to, but I’ll bet she’s doing whatever it is in a wholly enthusiastic manner.

What do the rest of us do? Well, we talk about where we think drivers will end up, we wait for every new announcement, and pine away for the Streets of St. Petersburg to arrive and rescue us from the doldrums. But what about doing something productive to help out IndyCar? No, I’m not talking about evangelizing outside your workplace wearing a Panther Racing hat and a carbon fiber sandwich board sign while imploring NASCAR fans to repent (although…). I’m talking about taking the time to write some of the sponsors involved in IndyCar.

Sure, no one fan letter is probably going to convince a sponsor of their worthwhile nature of their investment. But you never know if your letter is the one that gets the attention of the right people, or makes the difference between a sponsor stepping it up or pulling back.

Whether it’s IZOD, ABC Supply, Verizon, Hot Wheels, Firestone, NTB/Service Central, Dollar General, Norvo Nordisk, HP, Venom Energy, or one of the many other sponsors that puts time and money into this series, take a minute of your offseason to thank them, and let them know the impact of their involvement. You can check out a list of sponsors via this link. Thanks, and happy writing!

And tell Hot Wheels to make a Simona car while you're at it.

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