Saturday, January 22, 2011

IndyTube Weekend: Meira's 2008 500 Pass

Today's IndyTube Weekend moment is courtesy of the 2008 Indy 500 and Vitor Meira, and a pass I didn't think he had room to make:


  1. That may be the best pass I've ever seen in the 500. It was just total commitment. Though it only happened because Ed Carpenter let it happen. Had he held his line, either Meira falls back or they're into the fence. I'm pretty sure Carpenter actually won the "Move of the Race" prize that year for the little juke that averted a big wreck.

    Still, that verve is why we all love Vitor!

  2. It was pretty amazing. I need to find the one of Scheckter passing with like 0.000000001" clearance on the outside. That one's pretty amazing, and ranks up there as well.