Thursday, December 9, 2010

Speed Performance Awards

Make sure to stop by a vote at the Speed Performance Awards.  Several IndyCar drivers and moments are represented in the various categories, to include:

-Mike Conway's Indy 500 crash

-Helio losing it after Edmonton

-An apparently 7'4" Justin Wilson vs. 4'3" Briscoe (which is even funnier and more of a mistmatched pair the forty-seventh time I've watched it).

Bats has nothing on Will.
-Will Power for Comeback Kid (seriously, do we forget this guy had a broken back? It's like when Batman had his back broken--it's just a footnote in the cumulative badassery at this point).

-Simona de Silvestro for Rookie of the Year.  If you can't vote for a ray of pure sunshine in a fire suit, I'm not sure what to say to you.

-Naturally, the "Oops" category wouldn't be complete without Mario Moraes. Curiously not mentioned: KV Racing's epically crash-filled 2010 campaign, start-to-finish.

One question, though. How is it that this guy doesn't factor in somewhere? I call shenanigans, big-time.

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