Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Saavedra Full-Time In 2011?

One of the latest rumors (link in Spanish) going around sees Sebastian Saavedra going to the second Conquest Racing seat (or possibly the second Coyne seat). Of course, it being silly season, take that with a grain of salt, but I do think there’s at least a decent chance Saavedra races somewhere in IndyCar in 2011.

Saavedra, learning the ropes at Indy
Saavedra’s a strange case. On one hand, he’s definitely got some talent, and his won a few Indy Lights races in the past two years, and placed well in many others. He also was a feel-good story (unless your last name was Tracy or Howard) for the improbable bump/un-bump/re-bump sequence that saw him make the field at last year’s Indy 500.

However, the honeymoon wouldn’t last. It still is a bit murky as to what precisely went on, but what is known is that Saavedra withdrew from Bryan Herta’s entry at Kentucky hours before the race. For whatever reason, CHA instead had to start a cold Daniel Herringrton, who promptly crashed. The entire bizarre sequence left a bad taste in the mouths of many fans, especially after Herta rolled the dice with the young Colombian in the Indy 500.

Saavedra ended up in the 2nd Conquest car for the finale at Homestead, and it is at least reasonable to assume he may land in that seat again in 2011. And honestly, it would likely be an upgrade for Conquest; a team of Bertrand Baguette and Sebastian Saavedra would have the potential to perform pretty solidly. But the way he and his father decided to leave BHA stunned and with their pants down, I think I'd need a lot of faith to hire the fellow for my team.

If Saavedra does end up at Conquest or somewhere else in 2011, I can’t see myself cheering for him to win. But maybe IndyCar needs a few more “heels” with at least a dose of talent to mix things up.  That might just be Saavedra's assumed role if he does land a ride.


  1. Only thing he deserves to race is a Grand Am GT car... But... since he has cash, and since Conquest likes it's ride buyers, I think it'll happen. Unless someone else (Vernay, Sheckter, Matos) get's there first.

  2. I’ll say this: I’d prefer any of the 3 you mentioned in that car over him. I doubt Matos will get it—I think his funds have dried up, else he’d be back at DFD. Vernay has been mentioned with that seat, as was Scheckter, but I haven’t heard much about Tomas as of late.