Monday, December 27, 2010

The Open-Wheel Records Should Be Combined

I am assuming most readers of this site have at least seen Marshall Pruett's amazing Q&A with Randy Bernard, but this excerpt jumped out at me:

"The other one is what we’re doing with our history books. When you talk about all open-wheel drivers - legends and current - the fact that we are going to roll all the statistics up and combine them, so IndyCar statistics will go back for a hundred years, is something I know they appreciate. I think IndyCar fans—CART, IRL, AAA; you name it—will appreciate that too. We have statisticians putting it together right now. They’re combining them as we speak. By the time the new season gets here, you should see a new combined set of IndyCar statistics in our media guide. I think it’s important".

Yes. Just yes.  Racing, like baseball, is a sport where records truly matter.  We've done them a disservice by splitting them apart and compartmentalizing them into IRL, CCWS/CART, and other organizations such as USAC and AAA. You don't want those records as asterisks for any reason, and you don't want to throw out a history dating back to the Vanderbilt cup, any more than you want to start it in 2007.  I want to be able to celebrate and honor the careers of guys like Greg Ray the same as I would Paul Dana or Scott Brayton.  It should all be under one roof.

I am pretty certain it is impossible to come away from any amount of time spent with Mr. Bernard without the idea that he gets what it's all about.


  1. Open wheel racing has such an amazing heritage that it makes sense to do more to recognize its history. I think Randy has been pushing a lot of the right buttons lately...he has obviously become a fan of the sport and that makes a huge difference because he buys into the passion of the fans and how badly we want to see open wheel racing not only survive but thrive too.

  2. I think you're right, Mike. Listening to and following the passion of the fans makes all the difference in the world.