Friday, December 3, 2010

More Thoughts On Sarah Fisher

I wrote a bit earlier this week about Sarah Fisher’s decision to retire from IndyCar as a driver, and to work on the awe-inspiring duties of full-time owner, and just possibly, mother.

There have been a lot of drivers who haven’t walked away in time; some of them never got the chance to. Others held on, only to see their skills erode with time. Sarah Fisher made the call to get out when she did. Certainly she could have qualified for the 500 this year, and had a chance to improve her personal best there. But by all reports she was ready, knew she was ready, and I think that’s tremendous.

Sarah Fisher’s team wasn’t exactly gangbusters the last few years, but she worked hard, made races even when the sponsorship situation looked dire, and still had their moments here and there. Whatever the results on the track, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more well-liked, popular driver among fans. Danica Patrick has celebrity, but Sarah Fisher has the genuine care and affection of so many people.

We can argue all day about how Sarah’s career may have gone differently; perhaps a turn here, a different choice there, and she’s got an IndyCar win under her belt. But if Sarah’s able to walk away from it, then I guess we can, too. And if there’s a Little Sarah in the next year or so brought into the world, then that’s another epic adventure in which I wish her the best.

Sarah Fisher will be a hugely popular owner, just as she was as a driver. Her legacy doesn’t end at the trailblazing she did on the track; it’s just getting started as she mixes it up with the boys once again, this time from that owner’s seat. She won’t flinch, and she’ll have lots of us pulling for her and her team every step of the way.

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