Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The IMS Kids Club: My Daughter Will Approve (Eventually)

As I’ve likely mentioned around here before, one of my favorite things about IndyCar is sharing it with my daughter. I was pretty happy to learn, therefore, about the IMS Kids Club, a new program offered through the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

For the record, I think this is a great idea. Many fans worry about younger generations and their relative lack of interest in motorsports, but I think it isn’t that racing isn’t cool, it’s just that the entertainment options have changed. There aren’t 12 or 20 channels any more, there’s 120 or 200. Kids can still be reached, especially when parents take the time to include their kids in their hobby. For my daughter and I, racing is special to us, because we can cheer together, spend time together, and as she puts it, “she’s my kind of girl”.

For whatever, reason, though, I was under the impression the program was free, ostensibly because I have no idea how running a business or the basic precepts of economics work. So, when I finished registration and was taken to a screen where I was to be charged $25 for signing my oldest up, I stopped. $25 really isn’t much when you think of all they’re getting from the program: the t-shirt, special events, lots of cool swag, and plenty more besides—but in a tight, tiiiiight, Christmas season, it isn’t in the budget right now, either. Soon enough, I hope. It would make my daughter’s day, and by extension, mine.


  1. This will be under the tree for my daughter come Christmas morning (provided the welcome packet comes in the mail by then) - better than another $25 worth of barbie or disney stuff IMO. Not sure if my wife will feel the same way, heh.

  2. Excellent! Should be some good stuff for her.

    There is Race Car Driver Barbie, who is only $10 at Meijer. That's a thought, too. :)