Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year, And A Last Thought On 2010 IndyCar

It’s been a wild ride this year in IndyCar, with both a Centennial and a year of transition ahead of us. IndyCar has a new CEO, new engines, aero kits, and tub under development, and new talent coming to the league. It also has definite challenges, in terms of track attendance and TV viewership for many races.

I’ll say this: I think about where IndyCar was at the start of 2010, and where it was at the end of it. There’s the feeling of hope, of expectation, and the idea that even though we still have challenges, they can be met.

Thanks to everyone who stops by to read and comment. Here’s to a Happy New Year, a pivotal, exciting 2011 for IndyCar, an once-in-a-lifetime Indianapolis 500 Centennial, and above all, for good health and fortune to you and yours.

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