Thursday, December 30, 2010

Baguette Still Working On Conquest Ride

Bertrand Baguette fans. Oh, sure, we’re relatively few in number now, but give us another season and we shall be LIKENED UNTO THE GRAINS OF SAND UPON THE BEACH.

OK, so maybe the Bertrand Baguette Fan Club (U.S. Chapter) only consists of a relative few individuals and myself at the moment, but I’m hoping the Breadman makes it back next year. He showed talent, poise, and as a rookie he didn’t really get in anyone’s way, which is always appreciated. Most people have pretty much figured that Baguette will return with Conquest Racing next year, but according to this article on the IndyCar website, Triple B is still working on coming back for 2011. So that’s not a confirmation quite yet, but I still have to think he’s #1 for that Conquest seat. 

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