Monday, November 29, 2010

Quick Thoughts On Carpenter & SFR Together For 2011

The news that Ed Carpenter will be driving for Sarah Fisher Racing in 2011 is a welcome development in my eyes. I know he’s got his critics, but I’m a big fan of Ed as an oval-only specialist. He’s shown a lot of speed at places like Indy and Kentucky, and came close to winning at Kentucky.

My only quirk/quibble is wondering how he’ll do in SFR’s equipment. He was darn fast in a Panther car, but can he keep that up at Kentucky in Fisher’s equipment? Those tubs last year were not exactly gangbusters--hopefully in this last year of the old Dallara, they can scrounge up a newer/better chassis.

One thing’s for sure; as soon as I can, I’ll have a #67 decal on the back of my car. Gotta support the hometown hero and the pioneer, after all! This will be an easy team to root for.

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