Saturday, November 27, 2010

Edmonton Indy Back On!

I was so very thrilled to hear yesterday the the Edmonton City Council voted in favor of continuing their annual IndyCar event. I know a lot of great IndyCar fans had a lot of emotional investment in this one, and it's a great win/hold for the IZOD IndyCar series and fans.

As I've said before, I'm not an insider, and I'm generally not in the sort of circles where a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff goes on. I'm a die-hard, regular IndyCar fan. And in that capacity, even with last year's controversial finish, Edmonton has been one of the best of the twisties to watch.

On a related note, as a fan, I almost feel like I'm holding my breath as of late.  With all this good news as of late, it seems like cosmically we should get some dire news to balance it all out.  Then again, we had plenty of bad news over the past decade.  I guess we were due, huh?

Right now, it seems like every other day spells another exciting development for IndyCar.  If trends hold, next week should be pretty great as well, as we hear Sarah Fisher Racing's driver announcement.

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