Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shane Hmiel's Crash

By now, many of you have doubtlessly heard of Shane Hmiel's terrible crash at Terre Haute Saturday evening.  Thanks to PopOffValve and the other people who worked to keep us informed as to Shane's condition. It sounds like he has a long road to recovery, but anyone who knows about Shane and his career knows he'll fight his way back.

I've found video of his crash below; I don't mean to be ghoulish, but if you want to appreciate what a divine blessing it is that Shane survived, the proof is right there.  It's a hard hit, one that troublesomely reminded me of Greg Moore's terrible accident.  Watch below, but be warned, it's pretty rough:

If you follow motorsports for any appreciable amount of time, it really makes you appreciate the sanctity and fragility of life, second chances, and running the good race.  I don't know about all of you, but I hugged my loved ones just a bit tighter last night.

Shane and his loved ones are in a lot of prayers and thoughts right now, as he begins a long recovery. Go get 'em Shane, and God Bless.

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