Friday, September 17, 2010

Will Mike Conway Return At Homestead?

Interesting article by Marshall Pruett today on Mike Conway.  After a horrific crash at the Indy 500 this year, Mike has been recuperating injuries to his lower left leg and his back.  It's been hoped Mike would be back for the finale at Homestead, but it sounds like that's still up in the air, that there may be more rehab to do.

Whether it's Homestead this year or needs to be 2011 in St. Pete, it'll be good to have Mike back.  He had as many Top 10 finishes in 6 races this year (3) as he had all of 2009.  The guy's definitely on the way up, and I have a feeling he'll be seeing a few podiums on the road/street portions next year for sure.

When you look below at this accident (which I swear is the last time I'm going to post this; just looking at it makes me break out in a cold swear), you have to marvel at how these guys can get back in there and do it all again.  Cheers, Mike, and best of luck as you come back.

It doesn't get any prettier the 231st time I view it.

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